Eazfuscator.NET addin to SharpDevelop

Eazfuscator.NET is a free obfuscator for .NET platform. The main purpose of obfuscator is to protect intellectual property of the software.

Now I make addin for this tool to SharpDevelop.

Download for Sharpdevelop 3.x

In order to use this addin you need to install

Next version:
-Add --key-file and --key-container option.
-Add option to specify output assembly.

Change log:
-Add obfuscation statistic report.
-Fixed minor bug.
-Initial version.

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Hi. There is another way to integrate Eazfuscator with SharpDevelop and you may find it useful. You can drag and drop C# project .csproj (or .vbproj for VB.NET) files onto green zone of Eazfuscator.NET Assistant and then restart SharpDevelop. Then whenever you switch to Release configuration and build your solution, your projects will be obfuscated automatically.